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This year has been celebrated in Amsterdam The Econometric Game, an European competition in Econometrics and Forecasting field. In this 8th edition the Carlos III University has participated for its first time getting the second place behind University of Oxford.

It is the first time our institution takes part on this prestigious competition in spite of it is ranking 10th in the worldwide econometric and 4th in Time Series and Forecasting.

The departments involved in these sciences (Statistics, Economy and Business) decided months ago to prove their students value being part of the first Spanish team comes to the Econometric Game. The decission taken by the departments has been supported by the good result of the following students members of our team:

1) DPhil in Economics – Rodolfo Stucchi (captain) & Ramiro de Elejalde (speacher)

2) MSc in Economics – Vanessa Berenguer y Valery Chernookiy

3) MSc in Industrial Economics – Marcelo Rabinovich

4) MBA & Quantitative Methods -Sergio Mayordomo.

My most sincerely congratulations for these students and the departments. I hope next year the new team bring along the 1st place. I´ll comment it, I´m sure of that

The discussion case about the Global Warm-up was prepared by Jan Magnus, Bertrand Melenberg and Chris Müris of the Tilburg University and the teams had 36 hours to solve and present their thesis to the jury.


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