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Hello everybody!!

It´s just my first post here, in my new blog with a new technology and new dreams. This blog starts with the objetive to catch up a good knowledge of the blogs dinamic and express all my ideas about the dark science that is the Economy, not a pure-science nor a social science in many times.

I have a great interest in the Financial Engineering area and the derivatives markets, however I´ll try to post about my social enviorement, my university highlights and all my experiences you could find interesting and may it be exciting too 😉

The markets news and politics too will bring us very interesting topics to chilling here the Saturday´s afternoons.

Finally I want to apologise myself if you´ll find any mistakes with my English, I´m from Spain. Please notify me those mistakes and I´ll try to correct it as soon as posible.

May the interest rate be with you!!


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